TV WEEK Close Up: Introducing our new monthly magazine

We answer all of your biggest questions about our exciting new launch

Grab a cup of tea and settle in to your comfiest couch, because we're launching an exciting new monthly magazine with even more pages of TV goodness to pour over!
TV WEEK Close Up, your new go-to monthly magazine, will offer readers exclusive access to even more content, covering all the latest news in Australian TV.
Click through to find the answers to all of the questions you may have about our exciting new launch.

What is TV WEEK Close Up?

TV WEEK Close Up is a new monthly magazine with all the best access and updates on Australian television.
From in-depth interviews with the biggest stars, to even more behind-the-scenes access to your most-watched shows, TV WEEK Close Up has got you covered.

Will the regular TV WEEK magazine still be on sale?

YES! TV WEEK magazine will continue to go on-sale every week, on Monday. It will have the same in-depth TV guide, up-to-date interviews and plot teasers that our readers know and love.

What’s the difference between TV WEEK and TV WEEK Close Up?

TV WEEK will still cover all the biggest and most talked-about shows of the week, TV WEEK Close Up will take you more behind the scenes of the shows you love, as well as the stars you love, giving you even more content to enjoy and devour!

When does TV WEEK Close Up go on-sale?

The first-ever issue of TV WEEK Close Up is on sale Thursday, August 2, and will remain on sale for an entire month. A new issue will be released monthly.

How much does TV WEEK Close Up cost?

To celebrate the launch of our new magazine, TV WEEK Close Up will have an introductory half price RRP of $2.99. Future issues will return to the RRP of $5.99.

What can I expect to read in TV WEEK Close Up?

Gold Logie Award nominee Jessica Marais sits down for an in-depth interview in our launch issue.
Along with television's golden girl, we've got exclusive interviews with stars including Hamish and Andy, Jonathan LaPaglia, Julia Morris and Sam Frost.
Plus, there's a touching tribute to the cast of A Place To Call Home, with a heartfelt farewell to the period drama.

What makes TV WEEK Close Up special?

TV WEEK Editor Thomas Woodgate says readers will have unrivalled access to all the latest TV updates and stories.
"The content of TV WEEK Close Up is fresh and exciting – and, most importantly, different," Thomas says.
"We want to give readers a chance to kick back and relax with the TV shows and stars they love – and to remember the programs they still can't get enough of.
"When it comes to television, there's always so much to talk about. We're sure readers will love the magazine."
Pick up your copy of TV WEEK Close Up, on sale August 2.

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