Meet the adorable young star of Hamish and Andy

Everyone’s raving about Rafferty Grierson.

By Kietley Isrin
Did you catch last night's hilarious episode of True Story With Hamish and Andy?
If so, you would have met Rafferty Grierson – the adorable 10-year-old who played school genius and master of manipulation, Damien.
And boy, did he nail it!
Chatting to Hamish and Andy, the child actor admits he was shocked when he heard the story at first.
“It was a fun script. I mean, hearing about that story actually happened, I couldn't really believe it was true because if I did something my character did in this day and age, you know, the cops would have to come over to my place and put me under house arrest,” he joked.

As for what it was like working with Aussie TV greats including former Blue Heelers star John Wood, comedian Glenn Robbins and actress Madeleine West, Rafferty says he had a ball.
“Everyone was really nice and they cared about what they filmed and it was a fun day and I really liked doing my character,” he told the Sun Herald.

And after just one episode, Australia has fallen in love with the child actor who attends the National Theatre Drama School.
“I aspire to be as cool as this kid,” one Hamish and Andy fan shared on Instagram.
“What a little legend,” another wrote.
Meanwhile, another viewer even went as far as to compare Rafferty to show’s creator, Hamish Blake.
“Can you please do some training so he’s ready to take over the drive home when you guys finish up,” the fan pleaded.
“A mini Hamish,” added another.

Prior to his stint on True Story with Hamish and Andy, Rafferty starred in Imagination Game – a short film directed by his dad, well-known director Alister Grierson.
“It’s just so fun getting all the attention and someone has a camera pointed right at your face,” Rafferty says. “It feels nice pretending to be somebody else.”

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