Troy's embarrassing House Rules outburst

Wendy explains why Drew didn’t hit back at Troy.

By Helen Vnuk
House Rules fans were in shock tonight when NSW battler Troy ripped into judge Drew Heath.
With the judges delivering their scores to the teams face-to-face, Drew gave Troy and Bec a three for their zone in Sean and Ella’s house. Troy reacted with disbelief.
“Are you kidding?” he said. “A three? Wow, I haven’t said good things about you all the way through anyway. But that three? Come on, that’s disgusting.
“I think he hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about to score us like that.”
While other contestants looked horrified, the award-winning architect didn’t appear to react.
Now, fellow judge Wendy Moore has revealed to TV WEEK what Drew was thinking when he heard Troy’s comments.
“I think there was a bit of eye rolling from Drew to me, saying, ‘Oh, God, really? Are you really going to say this?’” she remembers. “But I think, in reality, sometimes there’s no point arguing when it’s not a reasonable argument. Sometimes you just say, ‘Look, he’s emotional.’ And Troy is like that. He reacts emotionally and then he goes away and thinks about it.
“I think Drew had that in mind and thought, ‘Well, this is not an argument that makes sense, so there’s no point.’”
As for Wendy herself, Troy’s comments about Drew just made her laugh.
“I think it’s hilarious that he thinks for a second that Drew doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Drew is an incredibly experienced, incredibly talented designer who’s solved millions of problems in homes that he’s done. I think Troy was definitely in the moment then.”

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