Troy and Bec are the first couple to be eliminated on House Rules

The NSW battlers have lost the battle.

By TV Week team
Tonight, Troy and Bec became the first team to be eliminated from this season of House Rules.
The couple scored a pass for their bonus room, a gym, in Aaron and Daniella’s Gold Coast home.
They received a score of six from the homeowners, putting them four points above Fiona and Nicole for this renovation.
But a look at the combined scores from all renovations showed that it just wasn’t quite enough.
Overall, the Victorian girls finished one point ahead. Bec was teary.
“I’m proud of Bec and I’m proud of myself,” Troy tells TV WEEK after the elimination.
“We weren’t ready to get off this ride, but unfortunately we have.”
Judge Wendy Moore says it was always going to be between NSW and Victoria.
“It was ‘til the bitter end who was going to survive,” she tells TV WEEK.
Troy clearly rates himself as a designer. So what does Wendy really think of his sense of style?
“I’m surprised by Troy’s confidence in his style, because I don’t think he’s had a lot of exposure to design, really, in his everyday life,” she tells TV WEEK.
“I think he came up with some really great ideas and there are a few things that he did that surprised me. I thought they did quite a good job in the Nordic room and I thought he had quite a nice vision in the bathroom in the same house [in Tasmania].
“But watching the show now and watching him go through the process, I can see how he locks onto an idea and he’s not capable of changing. A great designer is much more fluid than that.”
Wendy says she would like to have seen Bec given more of a voice.
“I think she does have some great ideas,” Wendy says.

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