Anna Heinrich spills on the return of Pilot Week winner Trial By Kyle

Trial By Kyle becomes a fully-fledged courtroom cabaret

Controversial personality Kyle Sandilands and television's favourite criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich won over audiences during 10's Pilot Week last year with the raucous Trial By Kyle. At long last, Kyle's courtroom is open and ready to take on any case, no matter how trivial.
Just in the first episode of the new season, people will battle over broken beds, walnuts and nose jobs.
Anna, 32, who counsels legal novice Kyle about how cases would be settled in a court of law, says viewers will see "friends break up, and friendships make up". She adds, "You saw a few objects flying across the room. You had surprise witnesses and a few people who probably didn't know exactly what they were getting into."
And although the presiding judge is a colourful character, Anna has only praise for his efforts.
"I knew he was very professional, and he was perfect for the role," she says. "We're kind of polar opposites, but it works for this show.
"I don't always agree with him, and he certainly doesn't agree with me, but that's what makes it so fun."
So how does Kyle compare to the judges and magistrates she usually works with?
"He's very different," Anna concedes with a laugh. "He takes other things into account, which normally you wouldn't. But that's what surprising most about Kyle. He was really compassionate and caring about both the plaintiff and the defendant."
Since appearing on the first season of The Bachelor Australia in 2013, where she won the heart of her now-husband Tim Robards, Anna juggles life in the media with being a practising lawyer.
"I like having this balance," she says about her worlds colliding.
"I didn't know how much I love doing a variety of things and now that I'm able to, I don't think I could go back to just doing one thing."
Trial By Kyle airs Thursday, 8:30pm, on Network 10.

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