Calling all the single ladies! The Travel Guides boys are on the market

‘We’re looking for love’

They've been off globe-trotting on Travel Guides. But the trio from Target – Kev, Dorian and Teng – admit they'd love to have someone special to share their adventures with.
"I'm currently single," Dorian, 20, reveals. "My dream girl has a great sense of humour and is both really outgoing and charismatic.
"She loves both cats and dogs and would love to spend the night in front of a good rom-com."
Travel Guides mates (from left) Teng, Kev and Dorian.
Meanwhile, Teng is looking for someone adventurous.
"I want someone who loves to explore new places and try new things," the 21-year-old says.
And as for Kev, 25, it turns out he missed out on the girl of his dreams during a recent flight.
"He'd taken a sleeping pill," Dorian explains. "The beautiful air hostess went out of her way to make conversation with him.
"It was a true When Harry Met Sally relationship about to unfold. But then the sleeping pill kicked in and he ended up comatose for the next 18 hours."

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