Aussie icon Toni Collette has signed on to star in HBO’s spin on infamous true-crime doco The Staircase

And she's set to star alongside Colin Firth.

By Maddison Hockey
If you found yourself a square-eyed disheveled mess after 13 straight hours of bingeing true-crime doco, The Staircase, you weren't alone.
The docu-series, which premiered in 2004 but gained notoriety upon its 2018 release on Netflix, investigates the death of Kathleen Peterson who was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in the home she shared with her husband Michael Peterson.
When Michael first called 911 he tells the operator his wife "had an accident" before adding: "She's still breathing. She fell down the stairs."
However, shortly after he was charged with first-degree murder.
Michael was convicted shortly after his wife was found. (Netflix)
The case was one of the most intriguing and tragically bizarre, taking unforeseeable twists and turns as well as exploring wild theories including an owl attack.
In thrilling news for fans of the series, it is now being adapted into a whole new limited series, by HBO nonetheless (basically a guarantee it will be TV gold).
The new series will take on the same name of The Staircase and, further adding to the hype, has just signed two big names.
Colin Firth is confirmed to play Michael Peterson while our very own, extremely talented, Toni Collette has signed on to play his wife and victim, Kathleen.
Toni is sure to enthral viewers. (Getty)
Toni is arguably one of our most successful exports first rising to fame in 1994 classic Muriel's Wedding.
Speaking to TV WEEK about her exponential journey to stardom in 2018 Toni revealed what she would go back and tell her 1994-self.
"It's a long time; it's been a long road. There have been a lot of changes and opportunities. I'd say I enjoy it more," she said.
"You know when you're young and unsure of things and you worry unnecessarily? I think I'd probably say to my younger self to just relax and enjoy it more."

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