Tom Gleeson opens up about the importance of his Gold Logie win

“It means a lot to me.”

By Cynthia Wang
When TV WEEK catches up with Tom Gleeson on a Friday afternoon, the Hard Quiz host is preparing to leave for a family trip overseas.
"I've been driven out of the country by industry insiders," he quips. But Tom, 45, assures TV WEEK the Gold Logie is in good hands.
How is life as a TV WEEK Gold Logie Award winner? Do people treat you differently?
Well, at the ABC, if anything, they all think I'm too big for my boots. But in general, it's toned down. But a guy just walked up, shook my hand and said, "Congratulations on the Gold Logie. I really loved your speech. I loved the opening. You're a lot braver than I am, that's for sure."
Did you ever think of yourself as a brave person?
Not really. Cavalier, yes. I've always been a risk-taker. I must admit, whenever I do a TV show, I often think, "What should I not be saying right now?" And then I say it.
Hosting popular ABC show, Hard Quiz.
But surely the Gold Logie means something to you?
Oh, yeah – absolutely. I'm now part of TV history. I'm a Gold Logie winner! My career has been given the big tick, and of course it means a lot to me. That's something a lot of people didn't quite get.
Perhaps that's because you said you were treating it as a joke, even if you love jokes.
What I meant – if I really have to point it out – is that as a comedian, to make a joke about something is almost the highest honour you can give it. Because if I don't like something, I don't even talk about it at all. The things in my stand-up [comedy] I usually pick on are politics, religion, the entertainment industry, the Logies. These are things I care about and actually have a lot of interest in.
The people who voted for you understand your humour.
Anyone who's watched me up until that point and saw that speech, they saw me doing exactly what
I do. If that was the first time you'd ever laid eyes on me, I admit that might have been a bit hard to take, but that's not my fault. I've been out there for 20 years now; I didn't come out of nowhere.
Where is your Gold Logie now?
Well, I'll give you an exclusive. It's hard for me to say this, but when I took a photo of it on the back of the Monaro, the tow bar was a bit greasy, so I put a tissue under the Logie because I didn't want to get the underside dirty. So I must actually have a bit of respect for the award! And I'm actually staring at it right now in my office out at Romsey [the quiet rural town 60km north of Melbourne]. It's on the shelf. It has pride of place in my office.
Tom took home the coveted statuette.
Have your kids practised giving their future speeches with it?
They wanted to hold it, but I told them very clearly that if they wanted to hold it, they should sit on the ground, because if you drop it, it'll break. And I didn't want it to break, because I do value it.
Do you think the TV WEEK Logie Awards will ever be an expert category on Hard Quiz?
It hasn't come up yet, but I reckon that'd be great. I reckon I'd be pretty good at it. I know my history. I know I'm the first person to do the opening of the Logies and win the Gold Logie on the same night since Bert Newton did it in 1984. And I know I'm only one of two from the ABC to win the Gold Logie.
So yeah, maybe it should be my subject if I ever go on my own show.
You'd have to come up with jibes about yourself.
Mate, I could tear myself to shreds. I'd make me doubt my own existence!

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