Leila McKinnon has shared a Today Show throwback featuring Karl Stefanovic and Tracy Grimshaw and the nostalgia is real

She hasn't aged a day!

By Maddison Hockey
The Today Show has been a morning television staple in Australian homes for almost three decades.
Bursting onto our screen in 1982, the show has seen changes, disaster and pandemics alike.
Having been around for so long almost guarantees its stars have seen it all, it also guarantees some amazing retro snaps of said stars.
Channel Nine presenter Leila McKinnon has shared a throwback snap of entire team and it had us immediately doing a double take.
The formal photo which dates back to 2005 features Karl Stefanovic, Tracy Grimshaw, Richard Wilkins, Stevie Jacobs and Leila.
What a blast from the past! (Instagram)
"A long time ago, in a world before Instagram...check out the @thetodayshow gang back in 2005 #tbt #todayshowaustralia," Leila wrote alongside the retro pic.
The Instagram post was met with delight with many fans and friends commenting on how Leila seemingly hasn't aged a day.
"So good! You haven't aged!" Channel Seven presenter Jodie Speers wrote.
"My favourite set of all time. Plus #squad" her past co-star Tracy Grimshaw added.
Richard's son, Christian also sent a cheeky reply regarding the striking resemblance to his dad, writing: "I look good here."
To which Leila responded: "Am trying to forget you were newly toilet trained around that time."
Leila hasn't aged a day! (Instagram)
Karl and Richard are the only two remaining on the show today. Karl left the show in 2018 after a long-term stint as one of the show's host following a scandal with brother Peter Stefanovic.
In March 2018 the brothers were busted when an Uber driver leaked details from a phone conversation where they bad-mouthed Karl's Today co-host Georgie Gardner.
Karl returned to his hosting gig in 2020 alongside Alison Langdon.
Karl and Georgie hosted the show before he left in 2018. (Channel Nine)

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