The Bachelor's Tim Robards takes on Ninja Warrior for the second time TONIGHT!

He's back from his honeymoon, and there's been no slacking off for this fitness buff.

By Holly Royce
He's back for round two!
The Bachelor's newlywed Tim Robards will be taking on Ninja Warrior for a second time tonight, after failing to make it past the 'Cones to Cargo Net' during his first attempt last year.
It feels like the 35-year-old has only just returned from his honeymoon with his new bride, Anna Heinrich, but if his chiselled torso is anything to go by, fitness guru Tim clearly didn't slack off for even one second during the celebrations.

Freddie Flintoff is all of us seeing Tim Robards with his shirt off

Tim took to Instagram to share his excitement over tonight's Ninja Warrior appearance, posting the above video to his account and sharing what was running through his mind at that crucial moment.
"You're a crack up Freddie! I was clearly s#itting myself at this point, pity I couldn't hear you to lighten the mood haha," the Bachelor star and chiropractor wrote.
Speaking to OK! Tim revealed the course is, " is freakishly intense - so much so that only seven athletes have managed to complete it worldwide," AND his Warrior attempt and lead-up training comes while still recovering from bicep surgery.
"I had to take anti-inflammatories and PRP injections just to train," he says, emphasising that his body isn't in peak condition. "I was struggling with tendonitis in both arms after surgery."
Tim gave the Ninja Warrior course all he had!
As most competitors started specific Ninja training pre-show, Tim was still working towards rebuilding a healthy body. "I was worried of re-tearing after my surgery," he tells OK!. "I felt like all my training was just trying to get back to being able to hold my bodyweight and activate the right muscles again after having my arm in a sling for so long."
It's without a doubt that while Tim takes on the show's crazy obstacle course, his new bride and number-one fan Anna Heinrich will be front and centre cheering him on.
Catch Tim on Ninja Warrior tonight at 7:30 pm on Nine.