“I was tired of pretending” Did Tiffany just admit her romance with Megan was all a lie?

After rumours their PDA packed romance was all for show, Tiffany Scanlon reveals all on her relationship with fellow Bachie babe Megan Marx.

By Gabriella Del Grande
No one expected their romance following their stint on The Bachelor last year.
Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx seemed to be more loved up than ever after announcing they were moving overseas to Bali together.
Sadly, it all came crashing down.
Now, after confirming their split last month, Tiff has come out in a lengthy 2000 word post on her new blog The Tiffany Times revealing the reasons why she and Megs called it quits.

“We made the decision (mistake) at that point to share our relationship with the public,” Tiffany penned “This, I believe, would eventually cost us our relationship.”
Indeed, the WA based beauty went on to say she couldn’t cope with the fame and being so recognisable to the public.

“I was tired of the scrutiny,” she added. “Tired of defending myself, tired of the negative attention and tired of pretending to be happy.”
In fact, things got so difficult for Tiff she became physically ill.
“I couldn’t hold down food, couldn’t focus on anything,” she continued.
Tiff even revealed the pair were offered their own television show.
“We were in discussions with Ratpak to have our own TV series with the aim of educating people on same sex relationships and sexual fluidity,” she said, as well as the fact they were planning to write a book and start their own lingerie line, Miffties.
What a shame!

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