THIS proves that MTV's Geordie Shore is scripted

A member of the team accidentally left a page from a script lying around, which proves Geordie Shore IS scripted

By Melanie Burton
With all that’s been happening on the set of Geordie Shore lately (a walk-out, fight, and sacking of a cast member) it’s no surprise that one of the frazzled producers made a tiny little slip up.
A member of the team reportedly left a page of a script from the show lying on a table in a cafe on Tuesday, which had planned out exactly how a scene was going to take place.
It was found by a fan, who took to Twitter to upload a photo of the page with the caption: “Next time your producers go for lunch @mtvgeordieshore make sure they don’t leave behind their belongings!”
The script instructs the director of the scene to “get some funny chat from Nathan and Marnie informing the newbies that if they are proper Geordies then they need to be properly preened,” as well as suggesting Abbie “have a funny chat about her tan.”
But interestingly, most of the note is instruction to encourage the cast to talk about the “shock departure” of Chloe Ferry – who was reportedly sacked from the series over the weekend after lashing out at newbie Zahida.
There is also a note saying to “watch” Marnie and Abbie to make sure they don’t talk about Abbie’s crush on fellow Geordie Aaron Chalmers, because producers “don’t want it coming out here – better at night.” Scandal!
While some fans are shocked with news that Geordie Shore could be scripted, others already knew – apparently…
“Can’t believe Geordie Shore is scripted WTF!” tweeted one fan, while another wrote, “Has it really taken a leaked script for people to start debating whether or not Geordie Shore is fake?”
Interesting stuff!

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