The Voice's Liv Bevan on life after her parents' divorce: "We’re still a happy family!"

She says they're both very supportive.

By Maddison Hockey
The daughter of former Australian cricketer Michael Bevan and McGrath Foundation director Tracy Bevan, Liv is no stranger to life in the spotlight.
As she prepares to make a name for herself on The Voice, Liv tells TV WEEK her parents' 2014 separation hasn't stopped them coming together as a family to support her dream.
"They still work really well as a unit when they're not together," Liv, 19, explains.
"I get a lot of support from my dad and my mum separately, and they still get along really well.
"We're all very happy together now and we still do stuff together as a family."
Liv is ready for her moment in the spotlight.
She adds that both her parents were supportive of her decision to drop out of university to pursue a singing career.
"I feel like after I sat down and explained to them that I really think I should be going for my passion the same way [they] have, they really understood what I was going for," Liv explains.
To show their support, both Tracy and Michael were on hand to cheer on their nervous daughter at her blind audition.
"My dad shocked me a bit and got into full dad-coach mode, which I had never experienced before," Liv laughs. "He was excited."
Michael and Tracy with daughters Amelia and Liv in 2008.
Having grown up on the sidelines watching Michael play cricket, Liv admits she's looking forward to stepping away from her family's success to create her own.
"Music has always been my passion and something I feel confident doing," the aspiring singer smiles.
"[The Voice] has made me so much more comfortable with owning the fact that it's my moment."
And as for choosing Joe Jonas as her coach, Liv says she hopes their similar backgrounds will help forge a connection.
"I am a super big fan of all of them," she admits.
"But I thought that maybe I could connect with Joe for the fact he has had to step away from his family and his family's success and has made something for himself on his own."

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