The Voice contestant Sarah Stone’s family heartache

The singing hopeful opens up about the disappearance of her mother.

By Saskia Tillers
Talented contestant Sarah Stone has overcome immense heartache to be standing on The Voice stage today.As a six-year-old, Sarah’s life changed forever when her mother, Linda, disappeared without a trace one day after dropping her at school.
“She just completely vanished,” the 22-year-old tells TV WEEK. “It’s impossible to have any sense of closure. It’s still an open case but there’s been a coronial inquest and the police have now said that my mum is deceased just for legal reasons.”
16 years on, Sarah’s mother is still number five on Australia’s missing persons list.Sarah fights back tears as she explains that the hardest part of the ordeal has been watching her father grieve.
“My dad isn’t ready to stop looking for her. Mum was his absolute soul mate. He adored her to the point where he still talks about her every day. Every single day.”
Her father Stephen has been a source of constant support for Sarah.
“He’s my rock,” Sarah says. “Dad has been my number one fan from day one. He genuinely believes in me.”
“My brother, my dad and I are so close now. Losing mum made us realise how important family is.”

From a young age, Sarah found comfort in music, channeling all of her sorrow into singing.
“With music, it felt like I could escape into my own world,” Sarah says.
“I took everything I went through, and put it into performing. I think for me personally that’s why I’m so emotionally connected to music.”

All four judges turned around during Sarah's blind audition and put forward their best arguments to try and sway her to join their teams. In the end it was Boy George who won her over.
Good luck, Sarah! We're sure with a voice like that you'll be going far in this competition.

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