The Sinner Season 2 sets August premiere date

We can't wait for the second season!

By Tina Burke
The highly-anticipated second season of The Sinner has finally been given a release date, with the show set to air in the US on August 1 on the USA Network. The show is due to air on Netflix in Australia on the same day.
In the second season, Jessica Biel will serve as producer only, with her character Cora Tannetti not appearing in any episodes.
Instead, the season will focus on Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) as he solves a new 'whydunnit' case. Ambrose works on a horrifying new case, where an 11-year-old boy has murdered his parents seemingly without a motive.
As the Detective attempts to solve the case, he'll uncover there is nothing ordinary about the young boy or where he came from in an isolated commune. The Leftovers actress Connie Coon will star as Vera, the de facto leader of the mysterious commune that will play a critical role in the season.
The USA Network shared the first look at the new season today, along with the release date...
New on-set photos, shared with People Magazine, also show Vera and Ambrose interacting as he attempts to solve the case.

We can't wait to watch the new series! Let us know your thoughts on the first trailer in the comments on Facebook.
The Sinner Season 2 will air August 1 on Netflix, with the first season currently available to stream online.

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