The Secret Daughter is back! Here’s everything that happened last season

We've missed seeing Jess Mauboy on screen.

By Kietley Isrin and Erin Miller
Billie’s desperate attempt to discover her family roots continues when The Secret Daughter makes its return to screens next week.
The Channel Seven drama, starring Jessica Mauboy as singer Billie, picks up where it left off after season one.
Billie had found out she wasn’t related to the wealthy Norton family, as she thought.
She was also struggling with her feelings for Jamie Norton (Matt Levett), who she now knows is not her brother.
Matt Levett plays Jamie
But Jamie is dating her best mate, Layla (Bonnie Sveen), which made things awkward.
With turmoil surrounding her, Billie decides to leave the city and take a train trip with her dad, Gus (David Field).
She thinks it’s time to meet her mother’s family, and she is reunited with her Aunty Mim (Rachael Maza).
The family get-together unearths plenty of secrets and surprises. And Billie comes to terms with her heritage.
“We get to look closely at how she reacts to the next journey, which is about family,” Jessica, 28, tells TV WEEK.
Jess and co-star Bonnie Sveen
“Who is she? Where does she come from? In season two, we get to see her really think about these questions.”
While Jessica remains guarded about just who Billie’s biological father is, she admits there are “a few surprises there with who turns up”.
Billie returns to the city after meeting her aunty and gaining more knowledge about her father.
While she’s keen to put the Norton family in her past, will Billie really be able to walk away from the clan who embraced her?

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