The Roseanne reboot is here with its first official trailer

And it’s FULL of original goodness.

By Maddison Hockey
2018 seems to be the year of television revivals and reboots. And we are absolutely here for it.
The latest nostalgic show coming our way is Roseanne, with ABC releasing an official trailer during the Oscars telecast yesterday.
The minute-long trailer was awash with classic Rosanne humour and sassy comments, even poking fun at the original's finale which saw Dan (John Goodman) killed by a heart attack.
Roseanne sits up in bed and exclaims: "I thought you were dead!" to which Dan, oxygen mask in hand, rebuts: "Why does everybody always think I'm dead?!"

According to Slash Film, showrunner Bruce Helford hinted at how the revival would continue on despite Dan's "death": "There [are] little clues and openings as we go along that explain certain things as much as possible jibe with the original ending there."
"There was a lot of dream sequence to it because Roseanne was coming out of a dream and that affected certain things. And then Roseanne's writing is acknowledged as well and her work as a writer and how that affected things."

Fans will be delighted at the number of original cast making a return; Laurie Metcalf as Aunt Jackie, Alicia Goranson as Becky, Sara Gilbert as Darlene and Michael Fishman as D.J. Even the original couch makes a reprisal.
Sarah Chalke who took over the role of Becky in later seasons of the show, and was often dubbed "Becky 2", will also be returning to the show as a new character by the name of Andrea.
Along with the Roseanne OG's will come a cast of new characters that we're sure will only add to the lovable show.

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