The real reason behind Daniella's House Rules application

Revenge is a dish best served on reality TV.

By Helen Vnuk
Daniella has revealed she had an ulterior motive for applying for House Rules – to get revenge on her husband Aaron!
This week, the teams are renovating Daniella and Aaron’s Gold Coast home. It’s in a great location but the décor is dated and it feels like a prison.
As Aaron explains on the show, he bought the house without Daniella knowing, just before their second child was born.
“I had seen the house,” Daniella, 38, explains to TV WEEK. “It was a renovator’s dream, and Aaron is a chippy. I think I was 12 days out from giving birth and I said, to him, ‘We can’t. This is all too much pressure pressure pressure.’ He went and signed the contract, then came home, thinking he was doing a great thing.”

After Daniella gave birth to son Brooklyn, the couple and their two children moved into the house. Three months later, the idea of going on House Rules came to Daniella.
“I saw an ad late one night and, and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to get you back – we’re going to apply!’” she remembers with a laugh. “I said to Aaron, ‘We’re going to apply for House Rules,’ and he said, ‘Hell no!’ That’s saying it politely.
“I wanted a new challenge in life so I opened up the laptop and started applying for it. I got him back.”
A former professional dancer, Daniella had no renovation experience when she started on the show.
“I’m pretty crazy,” she adds. “I love challenges in life.”

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