The Real Full Monty star Jett Kenny reveals: "Mum was front and centre when everything came off!"

Sorry, Mum! These hunky stars are daring to bare for a very good cause.

By NW team
If you're looking for some hot stuff, baby this evening, and need some hot stuff, baby tonight, then you're in luck, because 21 years after The Full Monty landed on the big screen it's coming to life Down Under as part of a TV special!
Uh-huh, while the funny flick followed a group of unemployed blokes transforming themselves into a troupe of strippers, Aussie audiences will get to watch eight of the nation's guttsiest male stars – including Kris Smith! – drop their dacks on the small screen.
WATCH the steamy trailer for The Real Full Monty below!
But it's not just for our viewing pleasure.
The boys are aiming to raise awareness of men's health issues by stepping out of their comfort zones in order to encourage Aussie men to do the same and be checked for prostate and testicular cancer.
Celebs joining Kris Smith include AFL stars Campbell Brown and Brian "BT" Taylor, NRL great Matt Cooper, radio personality Brendan "Jonesy" Jones, Sunrise weather guru Sam Mac, Ironman, Lisa Curry's son Jett Kenny and the show's host Shane Jacobson.
It didn't take much to convince the boys to sign up to the challenge, either.
"It was something I'd never done before and a topic I'd never really thought about," Jett, 23, tells NW.
"My biggest concern was definitely having to try and learn a dance routine. I'm not the best dancer out there – not even the trying to strip part."
Lisa Curry's son Jett Kenny gets his Magic Mike on in The Real Full Monty!
Jett wasn't the only one worried about getting the moves down pat, with Kris telling us he was just as nervous!
However, the model, 39, says the show's resident choreographer Dancing With The Stars' Todd McKenney took it easy on the lads.
"I have no dancing experience whatsoever," he admits. "Thankfully, Todd made it quite simple for us to learn!"
So did the lads have a watch of Magic Mike to get some inspo from Channing Tatum? "I definitely thought about it," Jett laughs.
"I probably should have. But we actually got to watch some male strippers do their thing and we had a good chat to them and they gave us some pointers."
"If it's cold out there, you know what happens to men when it's cold!" Model Kris Smith had many fears stripping for national television!
Despite the fact he's posed half-naked in front of the camera before, Kris reveals the thought of being starkers with a crowd watching made him freak out.
"My biggest fear is being totally naked in front of all these people and a camera... a lot of cameras, I should say. And then there's the temperature. If it's cold out there, you know what happens to men when it's cold!" he confesses.
Jett, however, was more concerned with another issue – rocking a different kind of thong! "It's the first time I've ever been in a G-string," he laughs.
"It was a shiny red one. I think all the guys would say that one time will be enough for them."
Shock horror! Jett's mum Lisa Curry's reaction during her son's performance!
And we're guessing it's also awkward strutting around in a G-string in front of your mum – or worse, being totally naked!
"Mum didn't know I had to get nude until halfway through, and she was like, 'What do you mean? Like completely?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And she said, 'You can't do that,'" Jett chuckles. "I was like, 'It's a bit late now!' But she's supportive and understands it's for a good cause too. She was actually at the live performance, so she was front and centre when everything came off."
Thanks for the invite, Lisa!
The Real Full Monty airs Sunday July 29 on Seven, for one evening only.
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