Meet the REAL Big Kev from Hamish and Andy’s True Story

We’ve tracked him down!

By TV Week team
Did you catch last night’s hilarious episode of True Story with Hamish and Andy?
If so, like most of us here at TV WEEK, you’re probably dying to meet Stubby’s real dad, Big Kev, who was portrayed by Craig McLachlan on the show.
Well, we’ve managed to track him down...
Meet the real Stubby and Big Kev below!

If you ask us, the boys got the casting spot on!
Stubby and "Big Kev" played by Craig McLachlan on the show.
Viewers were in stitches last night as hosts Hamish Blake and Andy Lee brought to life the tale of a sensitive teenager, aka Stubby, who was failing to live up to his dad’s heroics as a surf lifesaver.
But when Cynthia – a beautiful young girl – caught his attention, Stubby made it his mission to impress her and set out to win the state lifesaving championship.
Unfortunately for Stubby, his lust for the young lady led to an embarrassing mishap just before the big race. And fans we’re quick to share their reactions to the awkward encounter on social media.
“Stubbs in trouble,” one viewer shared on Instagram.
“I can’t stop laughing. This is hilarious,” another wrote.
Chatting to TV WEEK earlier this month, Hamish and Andy admitted they were thrilled with how the show had come up.
“The easiest way to describe is we’re trying to capture the essence of that moment when someone has a cracking true story that someone new to the group hasn’t heard,” Hamish explains.
“There are such wonderful actors and comedians who brought together these great, funny, true stories from every day people,” Andy adds.
“We’ve basically taken a concept, added different ingredients and, hopefully, it tastes good in the end.”

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