Fran Drescher just recreated an iconic fashion moment from The Nanny and fans are in shock

She hasn't aged a day!

By Maddison Hockey
With one of the boldest and most beautiful wardrobes in television, Fran Fine was an undeniable style icon of the 90s.
After all she was the flashy girl from Flushing; a lady in red when everybody else was in tan.
With a penchant for leopard print and miniskirts, Fran had a distinct and daring aesthetic so memorable it's even warranted its own fan pages.
A true style icon, Fran didn't play by the rules. (CBS/Nine)
Now, Fran Drescher, who played The Nanny, has given fans quite the treat by revisiting one of her iconic season one looks from the series.
Taking to Instagram the 63-year-old donned her rainbow striped Moschino vest with a black skivvy rather than the white button-up shirt she elegantly sported on the show.
And she's still pulling it off, if not even more so now.

Fran wasn't just recreating the retro look for fun, the 90s star was channelling her alter-ego for a fundraising event.
"Did a shoot 4 @hbomax & @cancerschmancer 4 #thenanny & the Fran Jam Music Festival 6/20 at 6pm PT & 9pm ET so get ready to see a Gr8 show on Father's Day eve 💋🌈☮️🥂🎼🎹🎤🎸" she wrote.
Naturally, the nostalgic moment sent fans wild.
"Is this THE vest??? 😍😍😍," one excitedly asked.
"Still so beautiful and I love your outfit. I loved it already during the nanny times. If style has a name, it must be Fran. ❤️," another added.
The OG. (CBS/Nine)
Like many iconic TV series before it, talks of a reboot have been rife.
In an interview with Scott Tweedie on Pop of the Morning last year Fran hinted that talks of a reboot had taken place, and they would require a complete disregard of the original's sixth and final season.
"You know [co-creator and Drescher's ex-husband] Peter [Marc Jacobson] said to me the other day 'I think I figured out how to do [the show] again and it was actually one of your ideas that I didn't like at first but now I do.' And I said 'What? We forget about the whole last season?'," she said.
Fran previously revealed she believed her character marrying Max Scheffield led to the downfall and cancelling of the show.
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