The Loop's Liv Phyland and Scott Tweedie's work relationship is the stuff TV dreams are made of

If you have to work with someone, it may as well be with one of your besties!

By Anita Lyons
Network Ten's music show The Loop is celebrating it's 400th episode on Saturday and for it's co-hosts Liv Phyland and Scott Tweedie, the milestone is certainly something to be proud of.
While their on-air banter, music knowledge and zest for some jolly good fun is enough to keep you watching, it's their insane chemistry on-screen and off, that really adds to the success of the show.
But before you yell: "STOP THE PRESSES!", the pair are not romantically linked - however have a friendship that spans eight years.
In fact, when Liv auditioned for the show four years ago, the producers thought they behaved like "an old married couple" on set, ultimately giving her the gig.
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Liv revealed the secret to their success.
"I'm only 231 episodes old but Tweedie has gotten grey on the show and is 400 in - and It's really worked because we had that friendship," Liv said.
"Because we had that chemistry there already, I was really lucky in my audition - I think that really helped."
Happy 400th Birthday to The Loop! (Source: Network Ten)
For Scott, their dynamic is strengthened by the fact the pair "know each other so well".
"When one of us is having an off day we can overcompensate and help each other out," the 31-year-old told Now to Love.
"But we also know how to give each other crap to the point where people get seriously confused and are like 'do you hate each other'?"
"Being authentic off the camera is equally as important as being authentic on-camera," Scott added.
"And that's what you get with Liv. She's got a heart of gold. She's a great girl, but also a lot of fun...but the world's most annoying singer and dancer I've met in my life."
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Liv and Scott are two of the hardest working people in showbiz - coming up with their own ideas, producing content and then hosting the show that viewers flock to on a Saturday morning.
But it's not all smooth sailing in the "media world" as Liv found out at the end of last year.
"It really did affect me," she said of the media scrutiny she received after rumours started that she was dating Dr Chris Brown.
"It affected me because it was just so constant and I really struggled with what I didn't believe to be true. So, that was really hard for me when it was full on constantly.
"Scott was actually a massive backbone for me through that," she admitted. "He just really backed me."
For Scott, seeing his friend go through a tough time was difficult.
"I see Liv working her butt off, doing all of this stuff for teenage girls [with her side project] and trying to inspire them and they're not even making a profit," Scott said. "And the next day, you read something and you're like, 'come on'!"
"Scott was actually a massive backbone for me through that." (Source: Network Ten)
While they are an incredible team, both Liv and Scott have also enjoyed success independent from The Loop
Most recently, Scott hosted "Saturday Schoolies" for I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here, reported live from the TV WEEK Logies and has also just been announced as a roving reporter for the Melbourne Cup Carnival for Network Ten.
"Scott and I are super supportive of one another," Liv said. "I think when you're a similar age and in a similar industry, you think there could be competition, but I'm so proud of him. I'm literally Scott's number one cheerleader. I'm always like, 'Yes!', because I'm so excited for everything he does."
Liv, on the other hand, has had huge success with her incredible initiative Girls Who Glow, which is a mental health initiative that "promotes positive health and wellness among teens" providing workshops for young people and adults alike.
"We [she and co-founder Teigan Nash] started it because of all the beautiful messages we got from young women and now we get to hear them first hand. It's pretty confronting but it just drives us to do more and more."
The Loop, hosted by Scott Tweedie and Liv Phyland, will throw a spectacular celebration on 10 to celebrate its 400th episode this Saturday, 21 September from 9.00am.
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