The Last Resort recap: The Dinner Party From Hell

Pain and suffering is on the menu!

By Thomas Mitchell
Reality TV isn’t known for being the most groundbreaking genre of entertainment and tonight’s ‘dinner party’ episode of The Last Resort seems eerily reminiscent of Married At First Sight and Seven Year Switch.
Both shows have the dinner party thing and while I’m not complaining, I love a food fight as much as the next person, it does seem a little lazy.
We’re promised fireworks and also a possible early walk out so it’s going to be a big night.
But first, the couples are summoned to an unexpected meeting. Maybe Michael Myerscough is going to reveal his actual name?
No such luck.
Instead, it turns out that Sarah and Keelan have left the show.
Keelan’s drinking was getting out of control and despite this being reality TV, this was a real problem that needed a real solution. A timely reminder that these are in fact, real people with real issues.
After that bombshell, it’s business as usual and Sandy Rea has cooked up another zany game designed to bring out the worst in the couples.
Sarah and Keelan left the experiment.
Each pair will be put into a sinking boat and forced to say their final goodbyes.
The game is meant to help the couples open up. Or develop a crushing fear of drowning to death.
First up, Lisa and Dan take to the high seas and Lisa asks if Dan cheated on her in NZ, again. He says no, again.
Next are Jodie and Stu and they both get really into the experiment. I’m convinced that Stu believes the boat is really going down.
Calm down, Stu.
And now it’s Carl and Lucy’s turn.
Even in the face of staged ‘life or death’ drama, Carl uses the opportunity to remind us what a deadset legend he is.
I’m like Michael Phelps bruh.
Lucy grills Carl on the affair again and he’s all like “what’s the big deal, Carl does what Carl does.”
Eventually, he apologises and they swim to safety or whatever.
Last but not least, Sharday and Josh. As their boat sinks, Josh decides to give Sharday his hat, you know, like something to remember him by.
You can tell he instantly regrets it.
Oi, give us the hat back ay.
After this traumatic exercise, the couples head in for some more therapy because what else do you do on The Last Resort?
Sandy Rea looks serious while the couples pour their hearts out AGAIN.
Look into my soul.
Sharday and Josh decide to get back together (I honestly didn’t know they weren’t together, I can’t keep up) and he asks her if she wants to be his “misso.”
Not exactly Hallmark material but Sharday digs it and she says “Yeah, sweet as.”
Time for the dinner party and before long the couples are playing truth or dare.
Keeping in mind this is a group of adults and not a bunch of 16-year-olds sipping on Smirnoff's. Jodie and Stu get asked to “make out” and things turn pornographic.
Stu, you alive mate?
Sharday’s turn to dare someone next and she dares Josh to tell her if he has a crush on a girl at work.
I mean it’s not really a dare, it’s more of a truth and if you’re going to play the game you should really respect the Truth or Dare rules. Just my take on it.
Anyway, Josh ain’t happy, he denies it and then storms out. Sharday is sad but then she decides not to be sad anymore and instead to be angry.
This leads to a rain drenched show down, which should be serious but is undermined by Sharday’s ridiculous Hawaiian shirt.
Crying in my best Hawaiian.
So Sharday and Josh are off (again?) and Sarah and Keelan have left the show.
At this rate we might get lucky and The Last Resort could finish up next week. Fingers crossed!
See ya’ll then.

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