The House Rules scenes we’re missing out on

Find out what didn't make the cut!

By Helen Vnuk
There’s been plenty of drama in House Rules this season. But according to the remaining teams, there’s also been a lot of comedy that viewers haven’t seen.
Team SA’s Harry says he’s been surprised at some of the things that haven’t made it into the show.
“It was a little bit sad to see some of the stuff that you thought was funny as didn’t get on there,” he tells TV WEEK.
“We had a bit of fun of with the boys’ church [in the master bedroom] in Tassie, just going in there, dancing. But they didn’t show that.”

Harry’s partner Kate remembers another funny moment, where she and Ella put coconuts down their tops.
“El and I had a bit of a shopping trip in Queensland to Matt Blatt. Neither of us have any boobs, and we both walked out with these coconuts. I said, ‘We fit into the Gold Coast now!’
“It didn’t make the cut. We were like, ‘Dammit! That was fun.’”

Ella, from Tasmania, says there were also a lot of singalongs that never made it to air.
“On paint night, you’re painting for 14 or 15 hours straight in a silent house, so the boys would all get silly and have these singalongs,” she remembers. “They used to sing “[Karma] Chameleon”, because they had a joke that Sean blends into the crowd with his Hard Yakka outfits on!”

It’s nice to hear that everyone has been able to enjoy a laugh on set.
This year’s teams have certainly suffered through some drama, with everything from Andrew’s life-threatening accident, to last night’s dramatic episode where Cyclone Debbie caused chaos during the final renovations to Aaron and Daniella’s home.

That’s not to mention the many tantrums thrown by the now eliminated Fiona and Nicole and Bec and Troy.
It’s certainly been a roller coaster ride of emotions for viewers and contestants!

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