Home and Away fan-favourite Tammin Sursok returns in new Aussie TV drama The Good Hustle

This is going to be good...

By Tina Burke
Tammin Sursok is back in town and ready to take on the world of glamorous publicists and salacious drama in Sydney!
From Home and Away to Pretty Little Liars, Tammin's career has skyrocketed since leaving Summer Bay, where she played the beloved Dani Sutherland for four years. Ready to return to her roots, the actress has recently touched back down in Australia to begin production on a brand new drama series called The Good Hustle.
"Set in the vibrant heart of Sydney, The Good Hustle delves into the lives of five ambitious women - Paige, Riley, Kara, Mia and Holly - as they navigate their fascinating, glamorous and relentless careers as publicists at one of the most high-profile agencies in the city run by the infamous publicity maven Charlie Alexander," the series description reads.
"From the outside, the world of PR may look like a decadent dream, but in reality, these women must navigate the industry's cutthroat competitiveness whilst also juggling their drama-filled personal lives at home."
Tammin Sursok returns home for a brand new drama. Image: Getty
Tammin has revealed she based her character on women she saw within the Hollywood industry.
"It can be very cut-throat," the actress said in an interview with Saturday Confidential.
"It is based off that high profile businesswoman who is also trying to have a family at the same time and try to manage their personal life and also try to be successful in their own business and company.
"It is hard, especially for women, to do it all. And rising up the ladder as a female isn't easy; I feel you have to work harder."
Joining Tammin in the TV drama will be Lisa Flanagan (Glitch, Cleverman), Francesca Hung (former Miss Universe Australia), Gemma Forsyth (Mako Mermaids), Brooke Lee (Mako Mermaids) and Sophie Bloom (Love Child).
Also joining the formidable cast of women will be Tim Robards (Neighbours), Brayden Dalmazzone (Girl Falling), Adam Saunders (Dance Academy, Blue Water High) and Michael Tuahine (Sea Patrol, Harrow).
From left to right: Gemma Forsyth, Francesca Hung, Tammin Sursok, Sophie Bloom, Brooke Lee and Lisa Flanagan. Image: The Good Hustle
With strong female leads and a scintillating plot, this new show is giving us major Playing For Keeps vibes.
Produced by Joel Kishinevsky and Elle Croxford for production company Little Giant, The Good Hustle will be a 10-part series sure to make waves when it premieres.

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