PSA: A key cast member on The Crown accidentally just let slip the season 3 release date

Get your scones and jammy dodgers ready, team.

By Jess Pullar
If this news doesn't absolutely thrill you on this fine Thursday afternoon, then we recommend you watch season one and two of The Crown ASAP, because you clearly haven't seen them yet and are unaware of the joy that's about to unfold.
Yep, in an announcement that's come as a big surprise (including for the production company themselves, it seems) key cast member Tobias Menzies from the hit Netflix show just let slip when we can finally expect to see season three drop on the streaming platform.
Oh, and you can bet we've set our alarms and blocked out our calendars.
In a recent interview with BBC, the actor, who will play Prince Philip in the new season, let slip a detail that piqued the attention of Crown fans the world over.
"We shot season three and that starts in November," he said.
So basically dear friends, try not to plan too much for that month because you can bet your army of corgis that we'll be parking up very comfortably on our couches for the vast majority of it.
We're really excited about this. (Netflix)
While the news has definitely not been confirmed as yet, it definitely lines up with Netflix's vague announcement that the show will be released in the second half of 2019.
Just quietly, this will mark a whopping year and a half between the release of season two and season three... so you can see why we're really excited at the prospect of having an actual date to look forward to!
Thank you for this very important information, Tobias Menzies (who is pictured right, next to Matt Smith who previously played Prince Philip). (Netflix)
The new season is understood to have commenced filming in late 2018. And yes, that's a long post-production time when you consider the series will be released almost a year later - but we'll just take that to mean it's going to be an extra good season.
Along with Tobias, who has replaced Matt Smith in playing the Queen's controversial husband on the show, Olivia Colman has also succeeded Claire Foy in playing Queen Elizabeth.
Meanwhile, Princess Margaret, who was played by Vanessa Kirby in season one and two will be replaced with legendary British actress Helena Bonham Carter.
From one stunning British actress to the other, Princess Margaret's character is in good hands! (Instagram / @vanessa__kirby)
Season three is also set to delve into the Charles, Camilla and Diana story, which is something royal fans are particularly keen to see.
Actor Josh O'Connor will take the reins as Charles in the series, while up-and-comer Emma Corrin is set to play Diana.
Emma Corrin will portray Lady Diana Spencer in the upcoming royal series. (Getty)
With the above in mind, we cannot wait to see what kind of spectacle season three is going to be.
We'll just be over here preparing our spread of scones and boiling the kettle for several rounds of tea - we're going to need it.
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