The Crown fans are convinced they spotted Duchess Catherine making a sneaky cameo in the new season

Did you spot it?

By Maddison Hockey
It feels like the entire world has royal fever right now thanks to Netflix's hit drama The Crown.
As the fourth season airs, depicting the Royal Family from the late 1970s to 1980s, moving into what is arguably one of the most scandalous periods for the royals with the introduction of Princess Diana, fans are hooked more so than ever.
One blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in particular sent fans into a frenzy when they thought real-life royal Duchess Catherine made a sneaky cameo in the show.
Did you spot the Duchess' look-alike? (Kensington Palace)
Of course, considering the show is in no way endorsed by the Royal Family, this isn't the case. But, we can dream, can't we?
The footage is somewhat compelling, with the unidentified woman striking an uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge…if you squint a little.
The moment in question plays out in episode six of the season which sees Prince Charles and Diana on their royal tour to Australia and New Zealand.
As the couple are met by adoring fans, Kate's lookalike is amongst the women reaching out to touch Diana.
We can kind of see it. (Netflix)
"Surely SURELY I'm not the only one who has definitely (read: probably not, but definitely) spotted Kate Middleton in the background in Season 4 of @TheCrownNetflix!" one fan wrote.
Another then adding: "Meta moment in S4 Ep6 of #TheCrown... while depicting Charles and Diana's trip to Oz, one of the women reaching out to touch Diana is the spit of Kate Middleton."
"Is the Crown trolling, oooh is that supposed to be Kate & R behind her in the background? #justkidding" a third joked.
Season four has taken fans, and the world, by storm. (Netflix)
Emma Corrin, the 24-year-old actress who was cast as Princess Diana this season recently spoke with The Australian Women's Weekly about taking on the iconic role ahead of the premiere.
"I don't have any living memory of her, but I had a huge awareness of her before I was cast in The Crown and those feelings are mainly ones of appreciation and love," she says.
"I saw her as this person who broke the mould. I was very inspired by the empathy that she displayed and her incredibly warm and generous spirit."
"It was unlike anything we'd seen in a person in the royal family and I think I grew up in awe of her strength."

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