Hoges, Strop & Delvene are back together after 30 years!

The Paul Hogan Show's Delvene Delaney and John Cornell shunned fame, but they’ve come out of hiding for Hoges.

In this week's Woman's Day cover story, Channel Ten's entertainment guru Angela Bishop chats to Delvene Delaney and her legendary husband, John “Strop” Cornell, now 75, after they surprised Australia with a rare public appearance.
Still stunningly beautiful at 
65, Delvene barely had time to introduce herself at the AACTAs last Wednesday night before the room erupted in applause, as our most famous actors jumped to their feet in joy at seeing her famous face.
Speaking to Angela at the event, Delvene admitted, “The only reason we’re here is to honour Paul [Hogan]."
Paul was given the Longford Lyell Award for outstanding contribution to the Australian film industry.
Watch Angela's chat with the actors in the player above! Video courtesy of Channel 10
For the full on the reunion and more on Delvene and John's incredible love story, be sure to pick a copy of this week's issue of Woman's Day!

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