The Block’s Wombat discusses home-schooling his seven-year-old son Jacob

“We’ve home-schooled him for the past two years.”

By Erin Miller
He might be a larrikin from the bush, but The Block contestant Wombat also has a sterner side.
When he’s at home on the NSW south coast he takes on the role of teacher to his young son Jacob, seven.
Wombat and his ex-wife both home-school their son.
“While I’m here, Jake’s mum has to take everything on and she’s with him 24/7 and has to cover my side of schoolwork,” salesman Wombat, 38, says.
“But everything seems to be going okay at home so far.”

Wombat explains he usually works four days a week, and then spends Friday at home schooling his son.
“We’ve home-schooled him for the past two years,” Wombat adds.
Wombat then usually spends his weekends with his young son at his shipping container home.
It’s a lifestyle he’s had for the past few years since he separated from his former wife.
“I built a big house and put all my money in to it and then started to struggle to pay that back,” he says.
“So I don’t really want to get in to that situation again.”

Wombat adds that he prefers to be off the grid to minimize his impact on the environment.
“I hate garbage and it is possible to live without being linked to the power,” he says.
So being on The Block and living in rough conditions hasn’t fazed him in the slightest.
“The house is completely trashed at the moment and I can see how other people might struggle not having a nice bathroom, but for me it’s been ok,” he laughs.

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