The Block’s Shelley Craft opens up about how she nurtures her marriage

Shelley reveals how her and her husband Christian try to stay connected in their busy lives.

By Erin Miller
Bubbly television host Shelley Craft admits it can be “virtually impossible” to spend quality couple time with her husband Christian following the birth of their two daughters.
Shelley and Christian have daughters Milla, seven, and Eadie, five, and the family all lives in Byron Bay.
“You want to spend quality time and have the four of us together working as a unit as that’s what makes me happy,” The Block host Shelley, 41, says.
“But I appreciate to keep the relationship strong, you still need to spend some couple time and to keep knowing your partner – not just as a father but as a person.”
Shelley adds she and Christian try to have a date night once a month to enjoy some couple time.
“It’s important to find out what your partner’s needs are just as much as knowing what your kids’ needs are,” Shelley says.

Yet while she loves their special time together, it’s watching Christian with their two daughters that really makes Shelley beam.
“We chose each other because we thought we’d be a good pair, and a good parenting pair and I like to think we’ve both done well at that,” she says.
“He’s a great dad, and a very capable person and someone you just feel really safe around – I’m very lucky.”

While it’s clear she relishes family life in the NSW north coast hinterland, Shelley admits there is one part of parenthood that worries her – the dreaded teen years.
“My girls are at an amazing age, and all that will be changing in the next decade,” she laughs.
“I’ll be in the thick of teenage-hood and that scares the pants off me! But I’m in a really good position at the moment and I’m very grateful.”

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