The Block's Ronnie and Georgia: "They stabbed us in the back"

Ronnie and Georgia feel on-site besties Hannah and Clint have betrayed them.

By Kietley Isrin and Erin Miller
Contestants Ronnie and Georgia always believed that if there was one team on The Block they could turn to for support, it would be Hannah and Clint.
But the couples’ friendship is set to sour when Ronnie and Georgia accuse the reno rookies of being “fence-sitters” and “playing it safe”.
“I just see who they are now,” a furious Georgia, 33, tells TV WEEK.
Ronnie, 41, adds, “They just sit on the fence and see what happens.
I think they’re playing everyone. But the reality is they’re broke and can’t renovate a house.”
Things have turned sour for these friends.
Ronnie and Georgia’s barbed comments come after they asked Hannah and Clint, as well as Jason and Sarah, if they could have access to their backyards.
Why? They need a crane to deliver their huge concrete plunge pool.
But we all know that when you’re competing on The Block, everything comes with a price tag. “We were in a position where we had to ask our friends for compensation,” Clint, 33, explains.
“In the end, they had to pay up – if they hadn’t paid that fee, they wouldn’t have been able to put the pool in.”
While Jason and Sarah’s decision to ask for money may have been expected – after all, the couple have no budget – Ronnie says he was disappointed in their friends Hannah and Clint.
“We got played,” Ronnie says.
He adds that they spent almost 11 hours trying to negotiate with the other teams before agreeing to pay what was asked.
“It didn’t go well,” he says.
But Georgia adds that none of the teams flatly refused their request.
“Everyone has been saying, ‘Georgia and Ronnie said no to Josh and Elyse’s pool, so they’re getting a taste of their own medicine,’” she says.
“What they don’t realise is they all wanted to say no – but no-one was brave enough to put their hand up and say it.”
Making matters worse, Ronnie says the arguing between Georgia and Hannah continued off camera.
“Georgia got an abusive text,” Ronnie reveals, hinting it was Hannah who sent it.
“I just thought, ‘Come on, you guys are mothers.”
Meanwhile, the upcoming drama has mother-of-two Hannah on edge.
“In terms of friction and tension, this has been my least favourite week on The Block,” Hannah, 31, says. “I don’t like conflict. I hate being involved, I hate being on the receiving side – and I certainly hate being the person who creates it.
“But we weren’t prepared to forgo landscape week just so they could have a pool. If we’re willing to lose a day-and-a-half of labour, we needed to be compensated for it.”
Clint couldn’t agree more.
“No-one enjoys conflict or asking for money,” the 33-year-old says. “Money can alter people’s behaviour. That’s why it was a difficult task, but one we felt entitled to,” he says.
But will Hannah and Georgia be able to put all the drama behind them?
“If you ask us, there are no personal feelings or ill intent,” Hannah says.
The same can’t be said for Georgia.
“They’re definitely off the Christmas card list!” she declares.

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