The Block’s Wombat is glad to dodge the pool dramas of backyard week

“We were glad we were on this side of town.”

By Erin Miller
The Block contestant Wombat was glad to be able to take a backseat and watch the drama unfolding during backyard week.
Wombat, 38, tells TV WEEK it was a “hectic” week, during which Perth couple Ronnie and Georgia fought furiously with their neighbours Jason and Sarah and Hannah and Clint over access issues.
Ronnie and Georgia needed the other two couples to grant them access to their backyards so they could crane in their pool.
But it’s a decision that is proving costly as Jason and Sarah and Hannah and Clint want compensation.
Fellow contestant Wombat admits he and best mate Sticks were glad to avoid the drama.
“We were glad we were on this side of town,” Wombat laughs.
“There’s been trouble with the Southside Six, and I think it’s now down to four, as poor Ronnie and Georgia are stuck in the middle. … But they kind of set that up from that start of this whole show. It’s all coming back to bite them in the bum a bit.”
As Sticks and Wombat watched the heated negotiations play out, Wombat adds he was a little surprised by plumber Jason’s behaviour.
Ronnie and Georgia have to pay their neighbours $15,000 to use their backyards.
Jason is adamant Ronnie and Georgia has to hand over some serious cash to be able to put their pool in.
“He let it got to his head a bit,” Wombat says.
Sticks, 31, adding: “Jason was skipping around everywhere and I think he was rubbing it in.”
The mates admit they’re not surprised other teams are targeting Ronnie and Georgia’s budget as they’ve been one of the most successful teams during the season.
“It’s the end of the competition now and people are really looking for money,” Wombat says.

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