The Block’s Scotty: “They’ve ruined our reputation”

The Block's Scott Cam loses it when Jason and Sarah refuse to pay their tradies.

By Erin Miller
He’s usually cool, calm and collected, but all that is about to change when The Block host Scott Cam finds out one couple hasn’t been paying their tradespeople on time.
It’s no surprise who the contestants 
at the centre of the allegation are: 
Jason and Sarah.
The reno rookies were almost kicked off The Block earlier in the season because they had spent most of their budget in the first few weeks.
This week, Jason and Sarah come under fire again after Scott finds out 
the couple have refused to pay their invoices on time.
“I’ve got a problem,” Scott tells 
them, before addressing his concerns.
“Number one, we pay our bills on The Block. We have to – it’s our reputation.
“This guy has a family. He’s owed 
8000 bucks and you’ve told him you’re not paying any of it.”
Sarah and Jason have had budgeting issues all season.
But Sarah disagrees with Scott.
“None of the work was done properly and he wants to charge me $8000,” the 45-year-old complains. “I don’t think so.”
Scott tells TV WEEK he’s had a gutful 
of continually having to pull up the pair over their spending habits.
“Jason and Sarah have quite a few weaknesses in this competition,” 
Scott, 54, says.
“They’ve struggled 
all the way through with money and timings. I’ve had to really intervene.
“I’ve done 13 of these [seasons of The Block] – laziness gets under my skin.”
Scott is not happy with Sarah and Jason's behaviour.
Co-host Shelley Craft is fed up with 
the couple’s attitude as well.
“You know what? This isn’t the first year of The Block,” the 41-year-old 
points out.
“Everyone has had plenty of viewing experience. It just wasn’t good enough.”

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