The Block: Josh slams Jason for dobbing them in

Things got heated on last night's episode of The Block.

By Erin Miller
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
And this week, Elyse and Josh are planning just that when another team, Sarah and Jason, lodges an official report about them during kitchen week – and accuses them of stealing their plasterboard.
On Sunday’s judging of the kitchens, Elyse and Josh pocketed $10,000 for getting full marks. As a result of Jason dobbing them, the winning couple had one point taken off them – which put Jason and Sarah tied as first place, also pocketing $10,000.
Jason pointed out to Scotty Cam that the stove top in the winners’ kitchen was too close to the Caesarstone splash back, which meant it didn’t meet safety requirements.
The cook top wasn't up to safety regulations.
“It was a bit deflating,” Josh, 28, tells TV WEEK, adding that the couple did face a few issues during this week’s renovation.
“I guess when something like this happens, it just adds fuel to your fire and you’ve got to bounce back.”
The rest of the couples declared the move ‘unfair’ because Jason and Sarah had an extra week to do their master suite and got to sit out of last week’s challenge. This was after the couple scored the lowest scores ever on The Block.
Jason and Sarah pocketed an extra $10,000 for dobbing in Josh and Elyse
Not one for conflict, news that there’s a “rat” on site has rubbed up Elyse the wrong way. “It’s annoying that they would go and throw someone under the bus,” the 24-year-old Melbourne model declares.
“It’s like, ‘Dude, do you realise what’s coming your way?’ It’s not fair.”

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