The Blocks Josh and Elyse slam Ronnie and Georgia!

Who said neighbours need to be good friends?

By NW team
There’s no denying that Josh and Elyse are the cool kids on The Block.
While they might be the youngest couple out of this year’s contestants don’t let that fool you, because the Melbourne-based pair are shaping up to be some serious competition for the other Blockheads.
“I build it, she styles it,” Josh says of Elyse, whose eye for style saw their bathroom nab the very first win of the competition.
And, it seems that fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia are getting worried about Josh and Elyse. In fact, they even chose to steal $8000 off the couple after winning a challenge. Ouch!
Elyse sat down with NW to share her thoughts on Ronnie and Georgia, and how she’s finding the whole reality TV experience.

Hi Elyse! So you and Josh got thrown in the deep end with five other couples when you arrive on The Block. How did you navigate working alongside people you had never met?
That first week you’re really sussing each other out going, “Oh, what you here for? What are you about? What kind of personality do you have?” You literally have a day to figure that out, and then you know who you’re going to be friends with, and who’s there to play the game.
Ronnie and Georgia have made no secret that they want to win. Do you think they are playing the game?
House Three [Ronnie and Georgia] are definitely there to play the game. They’ve said it from the very start - they’re not here to make friends. I think that’s very hurtful to a lot of people. You’re there basically to make money and that’s not what we’re here for, you know. We’re here to showcase what we can do and our designs and work ethic – and others aren’t.
Ronnie and Georgia are playing to win!
It’s not always a smart move to alienate everyone.
Exactly. You don’t know when you’re going to need them and there are times when you need other people’s help. If you start like that, no-one’s going to want to help you. We’re all struggling at the same time, and if you can help one another that’s the greatest trait you can have.
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