EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Josh and Elyse could be our next All Star couple!

This year’s youngest pair have definitely shown they’ve got what it takes to make it on The Block. But would they return for an All Star season?

By OK! team
Proud Block young guns Josh and Elyse have given this season their best shot and despite their age, the two are tipped to be this year’s frontrunners. Even though they’re smashing it, the couple are still conflicted about whether they’d return to the franchise and do it all again.
Despite being the hot favourites to take out the biggest win this season, Josh and Elyse are by no means cocky. Their focus as never winning but rather, building the most amazing home they could.
“All we wanted to do on The Block was put forward the best-quality house,” says Josh. “We aimed for the build quality to be more important than what is actually in it.”
Even though a quality build was always the priority, Josh is quick to praise girlfriend Elyse for what she’s pulled off inside the home. “Elyse has killed it with the styling, too,” he gushes. And regardless of the outcome, Elyse is just as proud.
No doubt they’re capable and great to watch (the fans love them!). But would they do it all again?
“No,” says Elyse, with no hesitation whatsoever. “I would!” Josh interjects. “Sticks and I talked about it. If the money was going to go to a charity and it was for a bit of fun we’d do it,” he explains. “But I doubt The Block would do another All Stars.”
Josh and Elyse are super excited to flip their next property once The Block wraps up.
One thing’s for sure, he’d have a tough time convincing Elyse to get on board with his plan. And where on earth would they find the time?! Especially with what they have planned for the near future.
“We want to keep flipping it for a while. Whether we renovate it or build a new house, we aren’t sure,” says Josh. But whatever they end up doing, guaranteed it will be amazing. “We want to do a top-end build where we can really show what we can do ourselves, especially coming out of The Block,” says Elyse. “We want to do something very grand.”
And we can’t wait to see it!
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