The Block's Hannah: “We lived off lollies and coffee!”

Hannah reveals what life is really like on The Block.

There are two things Hannah Amos missed while working on The Block – her two children and a decent meal.
“Eating regular meals definitely went out the window,” the 31-year-old reveals, adding all of the contestants lost weight during filming.
“I’m pretty sure everyone lost weight, I know Clint and I did,” she says.
“I never weigh myself so I’m not sure exactly how much weight I lost, however I did feel my clothes were much looser on me towards the end.”
Hannah says being in such a high-stress environment, food was the furthest thing from her mind.
“I always felt like I had so much to do instead of sit down and eat a meal,” she says.
“You snack a lot though and on the really late nights, we’d live off lollies and coffee. It was a pretty ordinary diet.”

Another contestant who struggled with the lack of healthy food on site was salesman Wombat.
“I don’t touch on the sugary side of things so it was difficult for me to find food I’m used to and not sway into the bad food,” Wombat, 38, adds.
“See, Sticks loves his Red Bull meanwhile I’m trying to find fruits, nuts, berries and bananas.”
Wombat also struggled with the poor diet on The Block.
Living off such a sugary diet wasn't the only thing that Hannah struggled with.
The former flight attendant revealed that tiredness was another hurdle.
“The fatigue levels exceeded our expectations. I didn’t think 
we would literally go days without sleeping, so that caught us off-guard," Hannah explained.
“I had more sleep with two children under three than 
I’ve had on The Block!”

Aside from a lack of shut-eye, Hannah says being so far away from her children Finn, seven, 
and Poppy, five, has been 
the most difficult aspect.
It’s even made her question her choice to be on the show.
“Not seeing the kids is a huge sacrifice,” Hannah admits. “The mum guilt completely consumes you.
“When you get so many setbacks [on the show], you start to wonder, ‘Was this 
the right decision?’

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