The Block's foreman Keith tells us what he really thinks about this season’s blockheads!

He’s known as the Blockenator on site and foreman Keith certainly didn’t pull any punches when we asked him about this season’s contestants.

By Kietley Isrin
There’s no doubt some of the contestants on The Block this year have been rubbing foreman Keith the wrong way with their lazy attitude and inability to play by the rules.
But despite this, Keith admits his been surprised by how the rooms have come up so far.
“I’ve been pretty impressed,” he tells TV WEEK.
So who does he think has what it takes to win?
Ronnie and Georgia are stars I think,” Keith says.
“They’re in a great position at this stage.”

Clint & Hannah

Hannah and Clint are a lovely couple. They have no experience before coming on The Block with renovating. They’re wasting a lot of money on trades and they’ve had two guys on-site and they can sit there for a whole day and cost Hannah and Clint about $1000 while they’re planning. They’re trying really hard and I think Hannah has got some good flair with design, but Clint is a fish out of water at the moment dealing with tradespeople.”

Jason and Sarah

Jason he’s a very interesting character. He’s a plumbing inspector and he’s very vibrant and has a lot to say and he likes being funny, but I think he’s a bit lost in the way that we move so quick on The Block. He’s used to taking his time and being a plumbing inspector, he hasn’t worked hard enough as far as we’re concerned so far, and they’ve spent way too much money. That is really scary.”

Sticks and Wombat

“They’ve been very good and Sticks is a great carpenter and Wombat is always busy designing and he’s doing a pretty good job for a guy.
They so far have had very expansive designs and have gone for things that are hard to build. Their kid’s bedroom was amazing, it didn’t win, they had an issue with wallpaper that cost them the win. They’re working hard and the budget is going ok. and they’re good all-rounders.”

Josh and Elyse

“They’ve got huge plans. They’re basically renewed the whole house, they haven’t renovated with what’s here, they’ve pulled out all of the old timber and replaced it with new timber which is very expensive. They’re not in a great position as far as using the materials and they’ve got great design and huge idea, but sometimes they fall short of their ideas. Sometimes their ambitions are probably bigger than their ability.”

Ronnie and Georgia

Ronnie and Georgia are great to deal with, Ronnie doesn’t waste a second and he’s always in there working hard and Georgia is a great designer and they’ve got a very good building team. They don’t make mistakes they build things once and they’ve already won a couple of rooms and their budget is very healthy.”

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