The Block couple Clint and Hannah react to coming last in auctions

The much-loved Queensland couple remained upbeat.

By Erin Miller
They might have walked away from The Block with the smallest cash prize, yet Hannah and Clint were still counting their blessings.
The Queensland parents said they were happy to get $95,000 after their home sold for $2.615 million.
However there were certainly some tears shed as the tense auctions got underway in Melbourne.
“Everyone got a little bit spooked when Ronnie and Georgia’s house was passed in,” Hannah, 31, says.
“Most of us shed a bit of a tear, and um, yeah, but obviously there has been a great outcome after it all.”
Hannah and Clint were remaining positive about their result.
“We never had a figure in our heads to begin with of what we wanted,” she says.
“The whole experience for us was really the winner.”
Hannah and Clint are still happy with their result
The Block host Scott Cam described the couple as “great sports and beautiful people”.
“They were really happy with $95,00 and that will pay some debt off for them,” Scott, 54, says.
“Nearly $100,000 is good money … they deserved to get more, but that’s how the hammer fell on the day.”

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