The Blake Mysteries: A New Beginning cast members provide an insider's view of the new telemovie

The mystery continues...

By Luke Dennehy
Viewers were in uproar after the surprise 2017 cancellation of The Doctor Blake Mysteries – but David Whiteley wasn't one of them.
The actor, who has starred as Senior Sergeant Bill Hobart in the series, says he was, "at peace with the show finishing".
"It sort of tied itself up in a nice little bow at the end," he tells TV WEEK.
However, David says once he saw the scripts for the new season, he was more than happy to change his mind.
"It's so lovely to be back in that world again," he says.
"I was very drawn into it."
David says another reason the cast and crew were so eager to reunite is because the show has always enjoyed a great atmosphere.
"I don't know what it is, but it's just so easy going on set," he says. "Also, because of the period it's set in [Australia in the 1950s], it makes it a lot of fun − and there are some fantastic locations."
Nadine Garner takes centre stage in the new telemovie.
Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson has always been a The Doctor Blake Mysteries fan favourite.
So when work on the telemovie started in Melbourne, Joel Tobeck, who plays the police chief, hightailed it back from the New Zealand set of the new big-budget Sir Peter Jackson post-apocalyptic adventure film, Mortal Engines.
The Kiwi actor admits that returning from a blockbuster Hollywood production was quite a jump.
"Talk about big budget − it was insane," the 47-year-old says, adding that he plays a sea captain in the upcoming movie, which also stars Hera Hilmar and Hugo Weaving. "It was a lot of fun."
Joel is equally excited about the upcoming telemovie, hinting that Jean and Matthew's relationship will take a new turn.
"A whole new working-partner dynamic develops," he says.
Aussie drama afficionados will spot the addition of Tom Wren to the line-up of The Blake Mysteries: A New Beginning.
Tom is best known for playing Dr Doug Graham in the Aussie drama series Winners & Losers. The actor has been spending time in Los Angeles since his character left the show in 2015.
Tom, 39, plays local newspaper editor Martin Carver. He hints that his actions become the catalyst for a series of sinister events.
Belinda McClory and Nadine Garner.
"He releases a bunch of newspaper articles about the unsolved murders in Ballarat," he explains.
"But after they're released, the murders start happening again. He has a lot to do with Jean investigating them."
Watch out for Belinda McClory's character, Dr Alice Harvey, the offbeat, socially awkward pathology registrar, playing a greater role in the telemovie.
Belinda believes The Blake Mysteries format still has legs – and that includes an expanded role for her character.
"Alice gets a bit more involved in the action this time, which is kind of exciting," Belinda, 50, tells TV WEEK.
"But there's still a lot of science for the character, which is key when trying to solve the mysteries medically."
Meanwhile, Belinda says she was thrilled the series has been given a new lease on life.
"I'm hoping the show will continue to grow even stronger," she says.
"There'll be a whole new audience who'll be able to watch us."
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