The biggest tantrums on House Rules so far

These whirlwind renovations have pushed everyone to their limits.

By Elisa Parry
Renovating your home is never an easy task, but there have been some VERY intense moments on House Rules this season.
It’s not surprising that renovating five homes and competing against five other couples on a reality TV program makes things even more difficult.
We’ve seen some firey blow-ups this year and the season is far from over.
Here are some of the best adult tantrums we’ve witnessed on House Rules so far this season...

Sean and Ella vs. Troy and Bec

The bonus room has been more like a bonus curse this season. In the latest renovation of Sean and Ella’s Tassie home, Troy and Bec felt they nailed the brief when it came to creating a “Nordic retreat” in the second bedroom. However, Sean and Ella felt the styling was mismatched, ultimately deciding to fail Troy and Bec.
Well, Troy was having none of that and stormed off set! Talk about awkward!
“It was childish, definitely,” Kate tells TV WEEK, “especially after the week before when they had given Sean and Ella a two and they’d slammed everyone else’s rooms. Then the tables turned and they couldn’t cop it. We all stood there the week before and copped it like adults and they couldn’t.”

Troy vs. Bec

These two have had more than their fair of arguments. The couple even briefly split this season before deciding to put their differences aside and continue to work together for the duration of the competition. “It’s just all about communicating,” Troy says. “Otherwise it’s just not going to work.”

Harry vs. Fiona

“You can shove your measurements up your clacker!” Fiona let loose on Harry during the renovation of Sean and Ella’s home. There were tears, there were some harsh words spoken – meanwhile, Harry took it all on the chin and even had a bit of a laugh about it all (which probably didn’t help matters).

Harry vs. Harry

Harry had a meltdown during the renovations in Tasmania. Thankfully, his wife Kate was able to talk him through it. They couple were sitting at the bottom the leader board which meant they were also stuck in the tent for the week.
“That was the longest that we hadn’t seen Xav,” Kate, 28, tells TV WEEK. “We were missing him and we were feeling guilty for how long we’d been away. Plus, when you’re in a tent you’re just more tired. I think we were just missing home so much. We were both wrecks that week. That was a really tough week.”

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