The Biggest Loser surgery secrets

They won their fight to lose the kilos, now it’s nip and tuck time for the Losers.
Inspiring in their determination and bravery, The Biggest Loser contestants have all changed their lives – and shapes – forever. But some of your favourites are making further drastic changes and will go under the knife to complete their transformations.
Michelle Lozanovski, a favourite from series three, is planning a full body lift to remove the saggy skin that has stopped her from being totally body confident – and series two star Courtney Jackson has lined up chest and stomach surgery as he battles insecurity over his weight.
Series three’s Sheridan Wright can’t wait to get a leg lift, after a full body lift transformed her life (and figure) earlier this year. And Tracy Moores from series one is hoping to get a facelift, leg lift and bottom lift to perfect her already glam physique.
Then there are sisters Melanie and Holly Scouler. They came away from the fourth series with not only huge weight loss but also a renewed bond, and now they both want boob jobs to complete their journeys.
See this week's Woman's Day for the amazing full trnaformation of The Biggest Loser contestants.
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