The Bachelor’s Leah reveals she didn’t even like Matty J

After her shock departure, Leah has the last word.

By Kietley Isrin
Talk about a shocker episode!
Tonight we farewelled resident villain Leah in what can only be described as one of the most dramatic episodes of The Bachelor EVER.
And it seems fans aren’t the only ones happy about it with Leah telling TV WEEK she was “relieved” when Matty J asked her to leave the mansion.
“To be honest, I was so relieved,” Leah says.
“I’d been talking to the girls, that I was ready to leave. I was tired, I was emotional, and I was exhausted. I didn’t even think I liked him, so I was ready to leave. I’d spent 10 minutes with the dude.”
Leah on the first night she met Matty.
Leah’s shock departure came after Matty J’s sister Kate confronted the former topless waitress about her past.
“I was honest with Kate,” Leah explains, adding she was broke at the time and needed to make money.
“I was living on my own and my study load was so heavy I couldn’t afford to work massive hours without much income.”
Leah adds the last time she worked as a topless waitress was 12 months ago.
“I told her what I did, that I had done events from polo to bucks parties. Are you going to tell some guy’s sister that you used to get your boobs out? I didn’t even know if I liked Matty so I wasn’t going to tell his sister that.”
Of being labelled a bully for her on air antics, Leah is quick to blame producers for their “clever editing” skills.
“When you get put in a house with 22 girls, you are not going to like everyone,” she says.
Leah revealed that she didn't spend a lot of time with Matty.
“We just drove each other up the wall. Lots of things you didn’t see. I don’t consider myself a bully. I can be a bitch – I’m open about that. Lots of things weren’t shown that would explain the way I act and why I act.”
Since leaving the mansion, Leah says she and fellow contestant Simone have kissed and made up.
“Simone and I have put water under the bridge and explained why we did what we did. We’re friends now and it’s all resolved.”
Simone (above) and Leah have put their differences aside.

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