EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Sam on why the boys need to step up

The keeper of the Double Delight Rose reckons the other Bachelors don’t stand a chance with Sophie Monk.

By NW team
The Bachelorette’s Sam Cochrane certainly knows how to make an impression.
On night one, he caught Sophie Monk’s eye after stripping off for an undie run, scoring the coveted Double Delight Rose, which guaranteed him two single dates with the Bachelorette.
But, things turned sour when he was busted checking out Soph’s “cans” during the photoshoot. And, to make matters worse, he started talking about getting busy between the sheets in front of her dad! Er, awkies!
Despite his slip-ups, Sam managed to turn things around on his single date with Soph.
Now, the Bachelor thinks he’s got it in the bag and reckons the other blokes have to step up their game if they want a chance with the Bachelorette.
Sam turned things around on his single date with Sophie.
You FINALLY received one of your single dates with Sophie and it went pretty well. When you got back to the mansion did you tell the boys about it or did you play coy like Jarrod?
By the time my first date came about, I was so close with quite a number of the guys – specifically Blake, Ryan, Luke and Brett – I think when I got back from my date, I was happy to tell them.
I think it’s important they know. And, it’s not about showing off, there’s a fine line where you can’t rub it in their face, but I think they have the right to know. They’re on the journey and I’m happy to tell them how my date went, just how they [told me].
Well, it would be boring not being able to share your goss with anyone!
Yeah, exactly. You’ve got to do it with respect obviously, but I think it’s OK for them to know.
It helps everyone else as well because if you’ve come home saying you had an incredible date, and [the other guys] didn’t feel they had incredible moments with Sophie, then that tells them that maybe there’s an indicator that they need to step up.
Sam thinks that he is a threat to the other boys.
Do you think you’re a threat to the others now?
Yeah. Yeah, I mean if I put myself in their shoes, and I saw someone else get the Double Delight Rose, that’s a threat. So I would consider myself a threat. The guys are aware of that…
So how are you feeling about Soph now – are you as in love as Jarrod is?
If you long for someone and you don’t see someone a lot, you do start to fall.
I was very lucky in the sense that I got to go on every single group date, so I get to see her constantly, and obviously I get more comfortable with her. She’s just so beautiful. I don’t know whether the cameras pick it up, but she’s just so welcoming and warm and that’s such an attractive trait.
Aww! Sounds like Sam is wearing rose-coloured glasses.

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