The Bachelorette’s Sam: "Chicks won’t stop coming up to me"

Since leaving the mansion, Sam is making the most of all the female attention.

By Kietley Isrin
He may have scored himself the first ever double-delight rose. But that wasn’t enough to save Sam Cochrane from getting the boot tonight on The Bachelorette Australia.
While the voice artist admits he was devastated that Sophie Monk sent him home, her decision has actually paid off in spades for the 31-year-old larrikin.
So much so that Sam isn’t afraid to admit that since he was sent packing, his had no trouble meeting the ladies.
Sophie gave Sam the first-ever Double Delight rose
“Yeah, they will come up to me when I’m out,” Sam reveals, adding he is still very much single.
“I’ve even had married women come up to me and ask for a selfie because their husbands are such big fans of the show.”
When asked whether he would consider being the next Bachelor, Sam lets out a laugh.
“I think there’s way too much responsibility that comes with it, hey!,” he says. “But then again, who knows.”
While other contestants have been quick to slag off producers for the way they’ve come across on screen, Sam isn’t one of them.
“Yes, they might edit a few things but what you see basically is what you get,” he says.
But there’s one particular moment which didn’t air that Sam is miffed about.
“I actually kissed Sophie on my first date but they never showed it,” Sam reveals.

“I don’t know why. I also saw her kiss with Jarrod and let’s just say, I wasn’t eating dinner when I was watching it. That was a lashing!”
As to what he really things about Jarrod Woodgate, Sam says while the vineyard manager does have a softer side, most of the time in the mansion he was “terrifying.”
“Like seriously, that pot plant got more airtime than me,” Sam says.
“And the reason why no one wanted come clean about it is because Jarrod would probably murder you. Like, literally.”

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