EXCLUSIVE: "I’m not the most suited for Sophie!" Stu drops a massive bombshell

The intruder thinks that he has some strong competition.

By NW team
Four older gents made a dramatic entrance on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia and it has the original Bachelors shaking in their boots.
Yep, Sophie Monk was introduced to not just one but four new fellas, and the producers kept the biggest threat for last – Stu Laundy, a dapper millionaire that Sophie had stood up just a year ago.
And with Soph smitten within seconds, the OG bachelors were less than thrilled about his arrival!
"I could tell from the chopper that there were several unimpressed faces," Stu tells NW of his grand entrance.
"But I think it had just been thrust upon them and by the time I’d shaken their hands, they were a pretty good bunch of guys."
The boys are worries about Stu's arrival.
As the boys no doubt work on a big move to win the attention back from suave Stu, the new guy says he’s not entirely certain he’s the right bloke for Sophie.
"I guess I’m flattered that they think I’m the most suitable, but I don’t know if I totally agree," he says.
In fact, Stu thinks that he has got his work cut out for him. "I see every guy here as competition."
His biggest threats? "Luke, Sammy, Blake, Apollo and Jarrod are all the clear fron-trunners at this point," he confesses.
"Sophie may end up with a life partner who is not me," he says.
"These guys had a month head start on me. Of course I was nervous that one of them had a connection that I couldn’t catch up with."

However, being one of the first gents to receive a rose at the cocktail party, as three Bachelors and an intruder was sent packing, has given him a little more confidence – despite the fact the rest of the boys aren’t too happy.
"I could tell a few of the guys were upset when they lost a really close friend on night one and it looked like I had come in and pushed them out," he says.
"But I understood their feelings and probably would have felt the same."

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