The Bachelorette: Sophie Monk sends one bachelor home before the rose ceremony

You won't believe which Bachelor is sent packing.

By Kietley Isrin
Before entering The Bachelorette Australia mansion, Sophie Monk made it clear she wasn’t on the show to play games.
And the 37-year-old reiterates her strong stance this week when she asks one of the bachelors to leave the show before the rose ceremony even begins.
Sophie’s shock decision comes after one suitor admits he’s not sure if he can fall in love with her.
“I’ve had a few private relationships and that’s the way I like it,” he tells Sophie. “I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business.”
Which of these men will be asked to leave?
His words instantly sound alarm bells for the singer and actress.
“I’m sure I want to be here and fall in love – you’re not sure and there are guys here who definitely want to be with me,” Sophie fires back.
“I want someone who loves me 100 per cent. I want someone who wants me, so I’m going to choose them over you.”
Then, in a moment no-one sees coming, Sophie asks him to leave.
“I just think you should go off and meet the right girl,” she says. “And I promise you, it’s not me.”
But it doesn’t go down well.
“This is bulls**t,” he mutters under his breath as he storms off. Sophie is in utter disbelief.
“That was full-on,” she says. “I think the guys should know if they want to be here or not. I don’t have any time to waste. I feel terrible, but what are we doing?”
As tough as it was for Sophie to make the call, she’s adamant it was the right thing to do.
“I’m learning so much about myself, it’s ridiculous,” she says. “I’m learning to stand up for myself. Usually, I’d just let them stay, but I can’t. I want to fall in love, so I have to do this.”
WATCH: See Sophie Monk's evolution (story continues after video)
After Sophie sends the man home, host Osher Günsberg takes matters into his own hands by giving the boys a stern warning.
"If someone has similar doubts, tell Sophie," he urges them. "Don't waste her time or yours."

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