The Bachelorette’s Sam on his “unhealthy” past relationship

“It was difficult that it ended, but I think that it had to.”

By Josie Rozenberg-Clarke
The first rose ceremony saw him competing in a hilarious “walk off” before diving partially-clothed into the pool. But as outrageous as wise-cracking Sam is on The Bachelorette, he tells TV Week he’s no party animal.
The 31-year-old reveals that he broke up with his last serious girlfriend over two years ago because of their vastly different lifestyles.
“She was a bit unhealthy and it was just a very difficult thing for me to manage on my own,” Sam tells us of his ex, who he dated for almost two years.
“[There was] a lot of partying. And I’m not a partier so it was just different. I guess it’s something I didn’t see right away. It was something that caught on further into the piece.
“I didn’t really have the support of her family. It was difficult that it ended but I think that it had to.”
Though it ended in heartbreak, the voice over artist says he has no regrets about the relationship.
“I can look back and know that I learned from it. I think you learn a lot from a break up just like you learn from meeting someone.”
Sam, who hails from NSW, has only dated casually since the breakup, but says he’s now ready to find true love – hopefully on The Bachelorette!
Sam won the first ever Double Delight rose.
“I decided I will not allow my life to go into something that I don’t truly see as lasting forever,” he says.
“After my last break up I just really didn’t want another break up. There’s hesitancy there. It seems like a pipedream to not want another break up but that’s what it is.
“The next relationship I would want to last, I have to believe it can go forever. So that’s my aim.”
No pressure, Sophie!

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