EXCLUSIVE: Jarrod vs. Stu. Inside The Bachelorette 2017 feud we didn’t see on TV

The competition takes a twisted turn, as Jarrod hints Stu isn't all that he seems.

By OK! team
Did Bachelorette star Stuart Laundry try to sabotage his love rival’s chances with Sophie Monk? Competitor Jarrod Woodgate hints that might have been the case...
Stu and Jarrod are the final two vying for the blonde bombshell’s heart on the reality show finale that airs Thursday 26th October on Channel Ten. And the 32-year-old has revealed his older love rival tried to ruin his chances with Sophie.
Jarrod says that Stu tried to sabotage his chances with Sophie.
“Stu pulled me up [about] my feelings for Sophie,” the vineyard manager tells us. “He said, ‘You should slow down a little bit,’ but I was on to him.”
Did Stu give Jarrod advice for all the wrong reasons?
While Stu came into the show as an intruder later on the season, Jarrod has been competing for Sophie’s affection from the start. And after the 44-year-old gave him advice on how to approach the situation with Sophie, Jarrod admits that he’s glad he didn’t take it.
“I didn’t listen, and I’m glad I didn’t because watching the show back, I see how he had all the right answers,” Jarrod shared. “I’m like, ‘You’re a cunning little bloke.’”
However, aside from Stu’s sneaky sabotage, the final two competitors got along fine. Although Jarrod admits it may not last, as seeing Stu with his ‘girl’ might be enough for him to pull the plug on their friendship!
“[Seeing Stu win] would be like seeing your best mate with the girl that you’d been chasing for a longer amount of time,” he shared ahead of the finale tonight. “That would be horrible.”
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