“I wasn’t in love with him!” The Bachelor’s Florence opens up

Florence reveals she was never that into Matty anyway.

By Kietley Isrin
It's been a long journey to love on The Bachelor Australia, and we are now down to the final three – Laura Byrne, Tara Pavlovic and Elise Stacy. But first, we farewelled Florence Alexandra Sophia.
Tonight on the night of hometown dates, the 27-year-old didn’t get a rose from Bachelor Matty J as he gets closer to making his final decision.
Florence made it to the final four.
Despite Florence’s shock departure, the brand manager from Victoria says there’s no love lost between the pair.
“I think Matty is a legend,” the Dutch beauty says.
“I really liked him but he wasn’t in love with me and I wasn’t in love with him.”
Florence certainly made an impression on Matty.
After not being able to reveal the outcome for months, Florence admits she’s glad it’s all finally over and she can get on with her life.
“It was hard not being able to speak to my family,” Florence says, adding she has no regrets from her time on the show.
“I don’t regret a thing. I would probably be more patient with some of the girls because seeing each other 24/7 you sometimes lose your patience. I would do it all again though, and there is nothing I would change.”
Florence thinks Laura is Matty's frontrunner.
So who does Florence think will be the last girl standing?
“Laura,” she says.
“I said it from the beginning. Laura and I became good friends and I really think she is the right match for him.”
While her time is over for this season of The Bachelor, she recently told OK! that she'd be "honoured" to take on the role of The Bachelorette. Australia has already fallen in love with her cheeky demeanour
(who could forget THAT pottery date?) so this wouldn't be too far from reality.
Her family would definitely support her doing the show again.
"They love it," Flo said.
"My Dutch family couldn’t care less… But my Australian family, they like it. They love it, they think it’s hilarious!"

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